We usually have a small number of used pianos for sale. The pianos we offer fall into two categories. First, there are pianos which we rebuild for the market. These don't come along very often, as we are usually busy rebuilding pianos for  customers.  When we do get one ready, they are almost always sold before they are finished.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This brings us to the second category. We have a collection of high quality older pianos which are in various states of disrepair. They need to be restored. But some are good enough that they can be played as is. You can either purchase them to play, if you wish to acquire a nice used piano, or you can have a base instrument and choose what you would like to have done to it. For instance, some people care about the finish. Some don't care about the finish. It's your choice. A la carte' rebuilding!



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1919 Baldwin C.

Built in Cincinnati

We have a Baldwin C in original condition which is still playable.  The ivories are nice. ​ 

This piano could use restoration work to the cabinet.  The hammers have been replaced with new Abel hammers, shanks, and flanges.  It has new keybushings.  It is ready to either play as is, or  fully restore.

1922 Steinway O

Full Rebuilt. New soundboard, strings, tuning pins, pinblock .​​ 

This piano is an example of our custom rebuilding.  The bridge was modified with the Wapin Bridge. The action underwent  component touchweight  balancing prodedures.  It has a full Stanwood Precision Touch Design installed, with magnetically assisted keys. The touchweight of the piano can be easily adjusted by a technician.  

Rebuilding Stock

We have several high quality older pianos in stock which are available to be rebuilt.

They include:

1919 Baldwin C

1920's Steinway O

1890's 6'3" Knabe - Brazilian Rosewood

1920's 6'3" Knabe

1926 5'6" Bluthner




1887 Bechstein V


This is an older Bechstein grand which is waiting to be restored. According to it's previous owner, this piano was once in the Austrian Embassy in Washington DC, prior to WWII. The embassy was closed down, and the piano was shut away. It ended up being taken to a summer home in northern Michigan. Beautiful case work, but needs restoration.