A piano only ever sounds good because someone has put good work into it. In the case of a new piano, this may have occurred at the factory or the dealership where it was sold. But many pianos never  get the level of service required to make them sound their best. In the case of a piano which hasn't been fully serviced in years, it will usually need more extensive service.  This can happen all at once, or in stages.

Tuning is the primary service performed on location, and is often the only service requested. We are happy to simply tune your piano.   But occasionally they need more.  Good piano tone is developed based on a variety of factors. The soundboard, bridges, action, and  hammers must all be in good condition.  Tuning, voicing of hammers, leveling strings, mating of hammers to strings, and regulation of the action. all contribute to good piano tone and can be performed on site.



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