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Modern piano player systems allow many people to enjoy owning a piano, even if they don't play.  They are have become more expressive and reliable over the years.  Most player systems require a minimum of service once properly set up.  They do occasionally do need to be re-calibrated to changes in the piano's action.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Each company has developed advancements in both software and processor capabilities. If you have an older system, it can probably be upgraded. Sometimes it is possible to simply plug in a new processor and update software.  Other times it is necessary to change out more parts. We have installed and serviced all of the major brands, and can assist you with your player system.



Phone:  1 513 515 0973



We're open 10am til 5pm M-F.


About Players

Piano player systems add to the enjoyment of the piano. When properly installed, they don't interfere with normal play-ability of the instrument. Call to see if one can be added to yours! We are certified to install and service both QRS or Pianodisc player systems, as well as existing Live Performance LX systems.

Pianodisc Prodigy
Pianodisc Prodigy can be used to upgrade existing player systems. It will give you access to current Pianodisc technology, and operates off of your existing Ipad.

QRS Pianomation III
QRS Pianomation has been one of the most popular player systems. It has been sold under the QRS brand name, as well as others. The Baldwin Concertmaster was a QRS system, and there are many of these in the area. The latest version is controlled via a phone, tablet, or computer. The music is stored on the processor so that there is no longer the need to change discs.

QRS Pianomation III Upgrade
The QRS Pianomation III adds wireless playback capability to your existing player system. It is a component upgrade which can be added to most existing player systems. It doesn't have to be a QRS brand. The player can then be controlled through any mobile wifi device with a web browser.

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