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Calendar and Schedule

Until this year I was using the Square Calendar app on the Cincy Piano website only for online scheduling. It was so if you found the website you could request an appointment. Most people have said that it works well and is easy to use. Starting this spring, Square changed the way the pricing was structured, and I stopped being able to sync my calendar on my phone with Square's. So, I have started just scheduling all appointments using Square. It works well enough. For the time being, it has required manually adding previously booked appointment into Square. The only problem is that it doesn't sync with Google, and there is no way for someone scheduling to know where the previous appointments are located. I try to schedule appointments in the same area to save on driving time. At some point I may change if I can find an app that does routing. It would be nice for the program to automatically find time slots that are close to one another.

Currently I am booked a couple of months out. This is more than what it had been until recently. I am sorry for the inconvenience for those who have to wait.

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